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Omniscient Safety Innovations services support organisations by providing the tools and strategies to enable preventative measures, interventions and improvements which help to reduce business costs, prevent accidents, lower lost workdays, increase productivity and morale through effective health, safety and mental health management.  We are based in Aberdeenshire, however our services can be provided across the UK.

At Omniscient Safety Innovations we are focused on delivering innovative, effective safety solutions to all clients.

Our services can be tailored to meet any requirements. Our competent personnel are available to provide project or business support on site or remotely.

Our award winning team will work to meet your business needs, ensuring you receive the most cost-effective professional service and always deliver solutions that meet legal requirements.

Additionally, we have associate consultants with a wealth of experience and knowledge in all areas of health, safety and quality enabling OSI to deliver an innovative, practical and professional service throughout all areas of health, safety and quality.