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Talks with Aberdeen Councillor on the importance of early intervention for mental health

We are extremely happy to reveal we have recently been working with Aberdeen Council.

Discussing delivery of mental health strategies and how to educate on the importance of early intervention.

We recently delivered Mental Health training at Aberdeen Townhouse, to a group of individuals including council staff and local Mental Health support group leaders.

Providing the group with confidence and knowledge to identify the signs and symptoms of mental health issues.

Brett Townsley, Director at OSI and veteran of the UK Armed Forces Intelligence exploitation force said:

“Mental health training enables you to feel more equipped to recognise the symptoms of mental health issues, to reassure and respond to the situation. There is still a huge stigma around mental health. People are often ashamed to discuss any issues they might be having with their family and friends. This stigma is slowly starting to change but still has some way to go.  Initiatives and training like this is a fantastic step in the right direction. Making a practical difference.”

Part of the training is around eduction. Breaking down the stigma of mental health and providing the skills required to create safe space conversations. 

The training was hosted by Councillor Claire Imrie, Mental Health Spokesperson for Aberdeen Council. Claire recently completed her First Aid in Mental Health with Omniscient Safety Innovations, allowing her to provide competent initial care. 

Speaking after hosting her first training course, Claire said:

“Aberdeen Council has a long history of offering practical support and mental health is a topical issue, one we should all care about. I’m glad we’re raising awareness and tackling stigma across Aberdeen. OSI are experts in their field, this coupled with their drive to make a positive difference will undoubtedly benefit Aberdeen”

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The Brink, James Murray Book Giveaway

Ladies and gents we have some exciting news….

As some of you maybe aware our company director recently met James Murray (Impractical Jokers) at a book signing event.

We want to give one of these signed books away in a competion.
The terms are very simple.

To be in with a chance all you need to do is book/secure a place on our upcoming First Aid for Mental Health Course.
All participants will then be entered into a prize draw and one lucky person will be selected at random.

The draw will take place at the end of the course in front of the group and the prize will be handed over to the winner.

To book your place or for more information please use the link on our events section.

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Health And Safety is A vital part of any business

A vital part of any business be it large or small is having the right health and safety set up in place.
Not only is this a requirement by law it is for the safety of all your employees, peers and any visitors that frequent your workplace.
To some this is a minefield but to us…. this is what we do!
A question for the day…
Does your business have the right requirements to run safely day to day??
Not sure???
We can help you and your business follow the right needs to be compliant, protect your work force and provide ongoing health and safety support.
Get in touch for more info. 
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Making Waves Within The Community With Regards To Mental Health


Director Brett Townsley of Omniscient Safety Innovations featured in the local paper.

Great article on moving forward with mental health within the community.

Progression on helping start a new charity is going well and the look out for additional trustees has began, if you would like to express your interest please get in touch “WE NEED YOU” to make this happen

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Mental Health Awareness Day



Together we can break the stigma of mental health 

Let’s get ourselves out of our comfort zones and support others

Working together we can tackle the statistics 

Let’s save life’s 

Let us change the way we see mental health 

Don’t be afraid to speak up, talk to each other, reach out.  Stand up take action.  Together we can all achieve.

World Mental Health Day 




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Delighted to have our feature posted on the Oil & Gas People site


It’s not every day our voices are heard but on this day it certainly was.

Our feature on mental health of workers within the oil industry has gained quite a lot of interest and we are delighted to hear it.

“Recognising and helping to support those employees suffering from mental health issues is crucial but so is creating and implementing a Mental Health Strategy” this statement is and will continue to be one of our main focus areas, to implement inas many workplaces as possible is our goal.

Creating awareness, creating safe spaces and equally as important to us.


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“It’s good to talk” but now we need someone to listen!!

Last week I was having a discussion with a Director of an energy company, he told me the staff in the organisation were well looked after in regards to mental health as they had an employee support program in place. If anyone reached a point where their suffering became to much they could call to use the service. (That’s not a bad thing, but it’s only one element) This was despite having several people signed off with mental fatigue, work related stress or anxiety

My Answer:

The ship has sailed at that point. It’s also very difficult for an individual to recognise or accept they have mental health issues, that’s why we educate and train interventions. Early intervention and prevention is the key, by having an effective mental health strategy in place you will

  • reduce lost work days
  • reduce accident rates
  • prevent mental health workplace crisis
  • save on costs
  • increase productivity
  • improve morale
  • continual improvement
  • improved culture
  • retain staff
  • happy healthy workforce

The Director told me, they had shown the videos on “Its good to talk” I told him I think that’s great, but now we need to listen. Talk to the team at Omniscient Safety Innovations OSi today and we will assist you with an effective strategy #healthandsafety #mentalhealth

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First aid for mental health

With SPE Offshore Europe 19 now done and dusted we are thankful for all of the experiences we received.

This time was very exciting for us, extremely engaging and enjoyable.  We wanted to take a minute to reflect on our successes and thank everyone we spoke with, presented to or had meetings with, new contacts, potential clients, interested investors, supporters, friends old and new, it was a pleasure. We wish you all great success and look forward to successful future interactions.

Our calendar is packed as we start work with a new client next week and our Director Brett Townsley BCAc, Tech IOSH hit the road for speaking engagements in southern Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 over the next few weeks.

If you would like to talk to the team don’t hesitate… to get in touch! We are here to improve your business.

Remember it’s good to talk!! But someone needs to listen!

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This time last month…

This time last month the OSI team were getting prepared to make a very exciting trip down to The Palace of Westminster London.

This was no ordinary trip, this was a very humbling once in a life time opportunity.

Our committed Company Director was honoured with a BCA at the House of Lords.

We are all so very proud of his continued support for charity, positive impact within the community and inspiring others.

Absolutely delighted to have Brett Townsley on our award winning team.

Well done that man!!

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