Recently we had the pleasure of working with Aberdeen University Student Greig Rennie. Greig helped support the company with many tasks including marketing, PR and administrative duties. 

Greig certainly used a lot of out the box thinking for his placement with us and produced some great pieces of work, some of which have helped us tremendously and we will continue to use and benefit from in the future.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Some of Greig’s pieces really hit the nail on the head when it came to showing casing our services, simplicity sometimes really is more impactful than we tend to give it credit for.

One of my favourite pieces is Grieg’s perspective on lockdown article, I wanted to publish this as soon as I received it, not only is it great to see another persons view on Covid-19 but it also really opened my eyes into thinking no matter how much I think and attempt to put myself in someone else’s shoes it really does not give the true perspective I think I can gauge.

Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Greig for his contribution to OSI and also the time, effort and his friendly, engaging approach to this placement, Thank you Greig and all the best for your upcoming assessments.

Below is Greig’s, “A Students Perspective on Lockdown” article, we hope you enjoy it.

A Students Perspective on Lockdown

I remember way back in February having a conversation with a classmate and a lecturer about the increasing risk of the virus. I took a rather nonchalant attitude towards it, thinking that it would be handled and that the risk was rather low, oh how very wrong I was.

When things started getting really serious in the UK, like many others I began to feel anxious, scared and concerned of the potential isolation I would feel. Being separated from my friends and family was something I had experienced before when I studied abroad. I spent 4 months in Oklahoma and was lucky enough to get one visit from my parents but spending such a large amount of time away from my sister, grandparents, and friends was a tough one to take especially seeing as this one was not through choice. 

As the lockdown began, I tried to stay positive and optimistic; I was playing Xbox with my friends a lot more, had more time to play my guitars or do other things that enjoyed. These feelings gave way fairly quickly. The isolation of the situation set in and I began feeling lonely and a bit lost, but I kept going and kept pushing through until it came time to go back to university. 

Obviously, things were very different with everything being remote forcing me to work form home. I was genuinely excited to start up again, looking forward to my classes and interacting with friends again, looking back now I didn’t realise how difficult the challenge of self-motivation would be. As a person I work best when I can bounce off other people and see where everyone else is at. Without these kinds of interactions that normally occur when you physically go to uni I found it really hard to adapt. Although my workload wasn’t as large as it had been in the past, I was constantly feeling the pressure, as if I was behind on all my work and anything, I handed in was below par. 

This took its toll on me mentally; I would start to feel stressed and anxious about my work so I would take a break and stop working to recharge, but this just made me stressed and anxious as well. This started a rather difficult cycle that was very hard to break. I ended up doing way less work than I should’ve and only really working when I got a burst of sporadic motivation at any random day or hour. I really wanted to break this cycle, with it really beginning to take its toll I looked for a solution, this was found in the form of a gym membership. Getting back into the gym was so important for me, not only was the daily exercise helping to keep both my mental and physical health intact it helped me stick to a routine. I was up every day at 9:30, eating breakfast then off to the gym, I would get home then do my work for the day. I helped keep me centred and focused on what I had to do and gave me a massive shot of adrenaline that really kept me going through the semester. 

The coronavirus has undoubtably had a massive effect on my life and it’s something I’ll remember till I’m old and grey. It took a great toll on me personally and I am so thankful that I have such supportive and caring friends and family that helped me get through it.

Greig Rennie.