At OSi we believe that effective workplace solutions for mental health should include effective ways

for employees to communicate concerns or issues.

Peer support groups are an effective tool that’s why we are collaborating with the fastest growing energy peer support group ManUp SpeakUp.

It’s for that reason we decided to open our blog to a very special guest Mike Scotland.

Mike is the founder of the group, we welcome him to explain the importance and reasons behind starting the group.


“manUP speakUP is a community to TALK, to HELP, to LISTEN and to SHARE

Allowing members to become a part of the movement to eliminate the mental health stigma,

within the Offshore/Oil & Gas/Maritime and Energy industries.

Not only does “manUP speakUP” use engagement with it’s members as a tool to eliminate the stigma attached to mental health,  everyone at manUP speakUP promotes engagement with their employers, to promote a change in behaviours of everyone to reach the same end goal

An end to not talking, a route to opening the door to the future of good mental health”  Mike Scotland