Last week I was having a discussion with a Director of an energy company, he told me the staff in the organisation were well looked after in regards to mental health as they had an employee support program in place. If anyone reached a point where their suffering became to much they could call to use the service. (That’s not a bad thing, but it’s only one element) This was despite having several people signed off with mental fatigue, work related stress or anxiety

My Answer:

The ship has sailed at that point. It’s also very difficult for an individual to recognise or accept they have mental health issues, that’s why we educate and train interventions. Early intervention and prevention is the key, by having an effective mental health strategy in place you will

  • reduce lost work days
  • reduce accident rates
  • prevent mental health workplace crisis
  • save on costs
  • increase productivity
  • improve morale
  • continual improvement
  • improved culture
  • retain staff
  • happy healthy workforce

The Director told me, they had shown the videos on “Its good to talk” I told him I think that’s great, but now we need to listen. Talk to the team at Omniscient Safety Innovations OSi today and we will assist you with an effective strategy #healthandsafety #mentalhealth