Encouraging as it is to see so many businesses and leaders posting about kindness towards each other for Mental Health Awareness Week. Should we not also see posts on how their business will apply this?

Do we not have a responsibility to apply corporate kindness to staff, customers and others? Corporate Kindness which is a key element of corporate values and ideals that shape how an organisation is perceived by employees, customers, and others.

Many successful companies adhere to a set of well defined core values and beliefs that align with behaviours rather than contravene them. In doing so they create a culture that promotes open, honest conversation in a conducive, creative environment where productivity and empowerment are defining characteristics and costs are reduced along with absenteeism, accident rates and work related stress.

All too often a business believes it has mindful core values or beliefs but the behaviours or structures do not support this and the impacts are felt from absenteeism, accident rates and work related stress to costs.

Is this the opportunity to take a mindful approach and get a business case for corporate kindness or is kindness just this weeks hashtag?