By not addressing mental health in the workplace, companies are suffering detrimental losses with mental health issues costing employers around 35 billion every year. According to the Centre for Mental Health 21.2bn is in reduced productivity, 10.6bn in sickness absence and 3.1 in staff turnover. However, it is impossible to determine the exact statistics as many mental health issues go unreported.

The Health and Safety Executive also estimate that 20% of all accidents occur due to some form of mental health issue, such as stress, anxiety or mental fatigue. The impacts of these can be significant on health, reputation and financial cost.

With this in mind OSI are very happy to announce we are now able to offer Mental Health Care Packages, we have identified that it’s not merely enough to provide Mental Health First Aid training but a complete infrastructure in support of a good mental health culture, these packages include but are not limited to, workshops, seminars, presentations, cognitive behavioral therapy, accredited First Aid for Mental Health courses and assessment toolkits. Our Mental Health Care Packages can significantly reduce costs, lost work rates, improve productivity and morale. These packages are bespoke and built to fit your organisations strategy.