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Poor mental health support at work costs organisations between £33 – £42 billion a year through lost workdays, accident rates & lost productivity.  However, research has shown that effective preventative intervention measures can reduce these costs by an estimated 30% by reducing lost workdays & accident rates, increasing productivity & morale and staff retention.

Our SAFER-MINDz (Mental Health Workplace strategy) is designed for this purpose

  • Workplace mental health culture study
  • Foster an empathetic, embracive & immersive culture
  • Break the stigma of mental health within the workplace
  • Risk analysis to identify & mitigate key workplace stressors
  • Learn to identify mental health root causes in accident investigation
  • Workplace mental health action plans
  • Workplace mental health envoys
  • Non-judgmental conversation channels
  • Preventative intervention mechanisms

We are also able to offer other bespoke services that can be adapted to suit your needs including;

  • Cognitive Behavioral Awareness courses
  • Work Related Stress leadership & employee sessions
  • Active Listening

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