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Are you holding back the water? Our clients prevent the flood.

Hold back the water or prevent the flood. It's an age old question and one that our clients struggle with on a regular basis.

Upon initial engagement with clients, the team at OSi are often asked to treat symptoms of workplace mental health issues, such as work-related stress, depression or anxiety.

However this is a reactive approach and simply an attempt to hold back the river and will lead to significant consequences.

As data suggests that 74% of the UK working population have experienced work-related mental health distress in the last 12 months, its becoming clear that holding the river back will simply provide short term relief.

As any good Risk, Health or Safety professional will tell you treating the consequences will not stop the next event.

The best example that i can offer of this approach comes from the near tragic events of June 23, 2018, when twelve boys of the junior football team "Wild Boars" and their assistant coach Ekkaphon Chanthawong leave practice to explore the Tham Luang cave.

When the team fail to arrive at a birthday party organised by their parents, their families head to the caves, only to find them flooded and the boys missing, their bikes left at the entrance. The parents immediately alert emergency services.

Emergency services quickly began pumping the flooded water from the cave, however one man a Thai native called Thanet Naitsri offered a different perspective, the groundwater expert assessed the situation and determined that it was far more beneficial to prevent the water entering the cave and immediately set about finding the sink holes on the mountain to prevent the flooding.

Thanet's ability to understand the issue and prevent rather than react was instrumental in providing the time for the successful rescue of all 13 lives.

So when your business recognises the issue of mental health at work, talk to the team at OSi. We wont hold back the water. We will work with you to stop the flood

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