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First Aiders for Mental Health and what to expect

Following on from World Mental Health Day we wanted to share with you are most frequently asked questions...

First Aiders for Mental Health, what do they do and what we can expect by having one in our workplace?

To put it simply, YOU CAN expect to see;

  • A safer, healthier workforce

  • An increase in employees speaking out

  • A better understanding of what mental health & what mental health conditions are

  • An increase in a positive mental health culture

  • A reduction in mental health stigma

  • A reduced rate of absenteeism

  • An increase of productivity

  • Cost savings to the business

  • And most importantly supporting your teams mental health

Would you know what to do if your colleagues/peers were at crisis point? Maybe not but a First Aider for Mental Health would.

Not all mental health conditions are visible, knowing the signs and symptoms of possible mental health concerns is vital to signpost on to professional help. A First Aider for Mental Health would be qualified to do this.

Is your team qualified? Are you ready to introduce mental health training to your workplace?

We have a just leased the next dates for our face-to-face courses. If this sounds of interest to your workforce, dates and information can be found on our website via the link below.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.