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As we approach the end of the year it has become more and more apparent the need for mental health training has increased significantly.

Why? Lockdown, pandemic, added pressure on home/work life balance, our own life experiences? The list could on. Training in First Aid for Mental Health is often confused by what people conceive it to be. Often it is confused and thought to be diagnosis and treatment by the first aider, this is not the case. First Aiders for mental health have a specific role whether it be in the workplace or as part of an individuals personal development, that role is to be able to recognise signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, become a point of contact should anyone wish to reach out and talk, learn skills on starting difficult conditions for those who find it hard to talk and provide advice/signpost to professional support when necessary but most importantly their role is to help create awareness of mental health and support a positive mental health culture.

If you had a First Aider for Mental Health within your organisation, would you talk to one?

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