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Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s mental health awareness week. The topic loneliness, so our MD decided to attempt to move the topic forward.

So consider this type of loneliness, a young man looses his dad to cancer after a long battle. It’s not the only battle the young man has fought, he has only recently returned from Afghanistan where he fought for the country.

He has another battle to fight in his head, the one of guilt, failure and grief, the mental health experiences he has to go through. But the company he works for have been kind enough to inform him, he needs to get back to work, that his grief should be over now, it’s been too long.

So the business generously arrange a 3 day week for two weeks to allow him to adjust to work. After all its standard practice to care for our staff, of course that goes as far as making sure they are working.

Kind people stop at his desk and say “so sorry for your loss” and they all mean it, but then they go back to their lives and forget. But he can’t forget, he is living inside the mental health experience because grief exhibits all the signs and symptoms of depression, it’s not a clinical illness but all the signs.

Loneliness is living inside that experience, fighting the battle in your mind. I must be over this, I should be over this, my work have told me I’m over it. It’s a lonely place

Because we as organisations have not learned you cannot fit the mental health experience into the policy that says 7 days to grieve and 3 weeks blended return to work

This is only one story, there are millions of people fighting lonely battles in their heads everyday

So this awareness week be aware that it’s time to do better in our workplaces. And it’s time because we can be better.

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