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Mental health conditions cost the global economy a staggering $1 trillion each year

WHO researchers estimate that 15% of working-age adults have a mental disorder at any point in time, and there are 301 million people living with anxiety – many of them in your workplace The UK Health & Safety Executive reported that over 50% of all reportable lost work days in the UK were for work-related stress, depression and anxiety. It’s critical for employers to think about mental health in their organisation and their responsibility We know that mental health harm in our workplaces can effect individual wellbeing. We also know that wellbeing not only effects physical health but also performance, morale, absenteeism and of course cost

WHO recommends 3 strategies; 1. Prevent – Changing work environments and cultures to minimise psychosocial risks and prevent workers from experiencing mental health conditions. 2. Protect and promote – Providing training to generate awareness of mental health conditions and spotting the signs early to promote early intervention. 3. Support – providing support to workers who already have mental health conditions to ensure that they are able to thrive. At OSI we work with your organisation to build the culture of prevention. We are ready to talk are you?

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