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Sustainable Mental Health

The team that are making workplace mental health sustainable – launch a new initiative

To have Mental Health First Aiders within your organisation is critically important in this ever-changing world.

The requirement to provide sustainable mental health solutions is becoming more and more evident, with data suggesting 74% of the UKs workforce have experienced mental health distress in the workplace in the last 12 months.

The role of MHFA is to provide initial aid to those experiencing mental health distress and sign post them to appropriate care. However, MHFA’ers can become overwhelmed themselves due to the experiences they share; they can also feel unsupported and powerless to make real improvement in the workplace. That’s why we have launched our mentoring program for MHFA'ers called Pascalii ( a play on the stress measurement)

We will support, mentor on a 1to1 basis and build data reports for your business and MHFA’ers to make real improvements. Please get in touch if you would like to achieve real value through MHFA in the workplace

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