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Throwaway Society

Do you have an old teddy bear that you care about?

One that’s a bit tatty, worn and out ragged.

Perhaps missing an ear or stuffing

We all do right?

One that’s loved, despite its flaws.

In todays throw-away society we are all too quick to throw things away once they become a little ragged.

It’s common to just give up and move on.

There were times when starting OSI and Chamelii that I could have done the same, thinking, it's becoming a little tough, difficult, lost it’s shine. So I’m moving on.

We are so strongly influenced by consumerism in everything we do.

Society tends to use items once only, from disposable packaging, and consumer products are not designed for reuse or lifetime use.

The value of an item is based on its usefulness in a short space of time, the trends, the influencers, the one hit wonders, the high turnover of staff who very quickly outgrow their usefulness.

But if you attach emotion to an item or a person they are never so easily disposable.

And if your worried that keeping hold of things that your emotionally attached too even after they become useful.

Such as your teddy bear means there is something wrong with you

Don’t be

Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them.

There are 5 stages of hoarding disorder

  • Clutter, but no concern

  • Deteriorating hygiene, possible hoarder

  • Extreme disorganisation, likely disorder

  • Excessive clutter & behaviour, contact professionals

  • Severe unsanitary conditions, hoarding diagnosis

None of these stages are placing emotional value in people or objects like your teddy bear!

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